Welcome to the new home of Presence

Presence Gifts has now been incorporated with Wizard Collective. This new integration will ensure that the full range of Presence Gifts receive all of the benefits available at Wizard, such as in house branding, full online functionality and so much more.

Are Presence gifts currently available at www.altitudec.co.za?

A limited range of Presence Gifts have been placed on the website at this point, however from January 2017 the full range of products will be listed and available.

How do I purchase Presence Gifts?

Itís quite simple really! Just contact your Customer Service Representative at Wizard on 011 663 8000 and place your order. Although the products will have new codes, you simply need to give the Presence code you know and are familiar with and we will process the order.

Will my account automatically be transferred?

If you currently have an account at Wizard Collective, you will continue trading with this account. If you would like to check the status of your account, find out who your Customer Service Representative is or get your login details, then please contact aliciaw@wizardc.co.za

How do I get an account at Wizard?

Wizard Collective is a strictly trade only supplier. If you have been buying from Presence Gifts and would like to open an account at Wizard, please send a request for the application forms to aliciaw@wizardc.co.za. There is a vetting process when applying for a Wizard account, this is to verify your status as a reseller of products.

How does my pricing work?

The price list has been standardised to be consistent with the Wizard pricing structure. This means that the base price which we refer to as the Economy Price is equivalent to the reseller price given at Presence Gifts. Over and above this the Wizard Jetsetter program applies. The Jetsetters Program means that you are able to receive up to a further 15% discount. Should you have any questions, please donít hesitate to contact a Customer Service Representative on 011 663 8000.